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Who are we?

The CDVI Group is a major player in the market for access control and locking systems . As a manufacturer of access control CDVI can offer total solutions for each security project . CDVI Ltd was formed in 1999 to provide sales, marketing, support and local manufacturing for the UK and Irish security markets. Based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, we offer a fully functional training room with modules designed to ensure that our authorised installers are fully familiar with all our product range. We also have technical support engineers that ensure the end-users get a high quality performance from our products, with the minimum of fuss.

Meet the team

From Monday to Friday, the CDVI UK team is always happy help to answer all your questions. You can find their contact details below:

Tobias Olsson

Regionsäljare Väst / Teknisk Support

Telefon: 0709 20 62 23

Mats Värnqvist

Regionsäljare Stockholm & Mellan Sverige

Telefon: 0708 16 22 86

Peter Larsson

Regionsäljare Stockholm & Norra Sverige

Telefon: 0708 85 89 10

Lars Backström

Innesäljare/Teknisk Support

Telefon: 0734 03 74 24

CDVI utvecklar och tillverkar säkerhetsprodukter inom passersystem, låsprodukter och dörrautomatik. Vi har ett brett sortiment av innovativa produkter med modern design och vi ligger i framkant för ny teknik. Vi strävar alltid efter att möta de höga krav på kvalitet och service som våra kunder ställer på oss.



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