What is KRYPTO access control?

KRYPTO is the ultra-high security version of ATRIUM access control. In addition to all the same tested and trusted features of ATRIUM, KRYPTO benefits from end-to-end AES encryption. For high security environments, encryption of the data transferred from credential to reader, reader to controller, and controller to server ensures ultimate protection. It’s never been easier to bring high security to homes, businesses, and public buildings.

The KRYPTO system is operational right out of the box – no tedious programming, no big learning curve, and no configuration card required. Unique authentication keys are automatically created to ensure that only authorised individuals can gain access. Security managers and premises officers can have confidence in a system that protects people, assets, and data consistently, accurately, and reliably.

Military-grade encryption as standard
Automatically create unique authentication keys
No tedious programming or learning curve
Close-up of a person holding a mobile phone with the ATRIUM app open on the screen in front of an access control reader mounted on the wall behind

Why choose KRYPTO?

KRYPTO makes high security access control easy.

  • Military-grade encryption technology
  • Up to 500 doors and 10,000 users
  • Management software is completely free
  • Free Floorplan Manager add-on
  • Wide range of compatible readers and credentials
  • Built-in web server and power supply for quick setup


“There is currently no known practical attack that could brute-force an AES256 key.”

Information Commissioner’s Office

What is AES encryption?

AES stands for Advanced Encryption Standard. It is a type of cypher that protects the transfer of data through the internet. A cypher protects data by transforming the message in order to conceal its meaning.

Since being adopted by the United States government as its preferred method of encryption, AES has become a worldwide standard and one of the most common encryption protocols.

There are three possible key lengths in AES encryption: 128-bit, 192-bit, and 256-bit. the higher the bit-rate, the more possibilities of key combinations there are, and the higher the level of security. AES256 is virtually impenetrable using brute force methods, making it one of the most popular and trusted encryption solutions globally.


Mobile-PASS smartphone credentials and ATRIUM access control demo kit

Access control at your fingertips

No need to carry a card or remember a code – all you need is your smartphone. Using your phone as an access credential is the ultimate in convenience and security. Already equipped with AES encryption as part of the KRYPTO system, Mobile-PASS smartphone credentials combine high security with incredible flexibility.

  • FIVE different methods for validating entry
  • No annual subscription fees
  • No cloud usage or storage costs
  • Free app available on iOS and Android

CDVI Academy trainee learning how to use ATRIUM access control with ievo biometric fingerprint readers

Installer training that's always free, always friendly, and always safe

Join us at CDVI Academy to learn all you need to know about installing high security KRYTPO systems. Courses are available on-site at our High Wycombe training facility, online in webinar format, or we can come to you.