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What is the Members Zone?

The Members Zone includes exclusive content that is only available to people who have an approved account on the CDVI website. The exclusive content includes things like software downloads and marketing resources.

Members will also be the first to hear about new products and exciting updates, as well as gaining access to the Project Builder tool. The Project Builder allows you to assemble lists of all the CDVI products you need for a particular job. Then, when you’re ready, you can export it quickly and easily, ready to take directly to your preferred distributor.

Who can get a website account?

The CDVI Members Zone is for installers, engineers, technicians, and distributors of CDVI solutions.

How do I request an account?

You can register for an account right now! It only takes a couple of minutes. When we receive your account request, one of our team will contact you using the details you provide. This is just to check that your information is correct and to find out what we can help you with.

Once that’s done, your account will be approved, and you’re in!


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